To illuminate your everyday use


Zoom-It LED magnifiers are convenient because of their ability to provide bright, and consistent light for precise, detailed observation. They are also popular with people with vision problems, as they allow easy reading of fine print and fine details.

The brightest Zoom-It LED magnifier model is without a doubt the 120 lumens COB LED magnifier with 3 lights. It also includes a rubberized finish that allows better grip during handling.

One of the most popular models is the premium LED pocket magnifier because it is small and compact, no bigger than a credit card, which makes it easy to carry in a pocket, wallet, or a purse. It's useful for a variety of tasks, such as reading fine print, reading prescriptions, crossword puzzles, restaurant menus and more!

Two other super bright 60 lumens COB LED models with 3x magnification are also available in mini and maxi sizes, both of which operate at the touch of a button.

Zoom-It also offers a foldable lamp with LED reading light and 2 lighting levels of 20 lumens. It has a folding anti-slip tab located at the end of the clamp to prevent the lamp from slipping when it is hung on a table or a book. This handy and compact light is powered by 3 x AAA batteries, but also includes a USB cable that can be used to power the light while in use.